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Tea Atelier

What is Milk Oolong

Milk Oolong is a distinctive type of Taiwanese tea cultivar known for its creamy flavor and texture. It's lightly oxidized and roasted, which helps retain the delicate floral aroma and creamy flavor. When we refer to milk oolong, we’re talking about Taiwanese tea from the Jin Xuan (pronounced jin shuan) cultivar. 

How to Socialize in a Not Quite Post-COVID World

With our social lives coming out of hibernation, it’s time to address the big issues: how do you socialize? What even is a conversation? We reflected and we investigated. Read about it in this month’s digest.

DIGEST | Two Days in Yilan: A Sourcing Trip

For some people, May means the beginning of spring or the final stretch of the semester, but for us it means harvest...

DIGEST | Spring Tea Drinking

With warm, sunny days in the park followed by rain and a 20 degree temperature drop and back again, we know spring is really here. Read about the heating and cooling properties of tea in Traditional Chinese Medicine and how to incorporate it into your own springtime tea routine.

DIGEST | Contemplating Tea Snacks

In this month's digest, we reflect on our snack journey since the beloved Pineapple Linzer cookie.

DIGEST | Revisiting Valentine’s Day

In this month’s digest, we reflected on the usual Valentine’s day bustle and the days of casual tearoom chats.

Year of the Ox

Happy Lunar New Year! Start your year by getting to know 2021's zodiac animal, the diligent and hard working Ox.

DIGEST | Behind the Scenes: Making Chinese New Year

Every year, we celebrate Chinese New Year with a tea service of traditional snacks and special labels that celebrate the particular year in the Chinese zodiac. Read about our inspiration behind celebrating the year of the Bull.

2020: Are we done yet?

This year has been difficult, to say the least, so we’re happy to see it in the rearview mirror–or we would be if we drove.

Tea Pairings - Classic Jazz & A Book

A compilation of the pairing section of our newsletter, which pairs our teas with jazz albums, chosen by Kenji, and classic literary picks, chosen by Nika.

Butter Shortbread Cookie

Like tea, the ingredients are sourced intentionally, and the taste should always be delicious. When we thought about introducing another tea snack, we knew that it needed to live up to standards. We wouldn’t serve anything that we wouldn’t eat ourselves. We introduce you the Té Shortbread!

Adding Milk To Tea

Do you add milk to your tea, or are you a staunch ‘tea purist’? There are endless debates on when and how to add milk, and why. Many cultures around the world put milk in their tea.

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