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“There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life.”

―Lin Yutang, The Importance of Living

We believe delicious tea should be readily available, without mystery, and consumed daily with joy. Good tea satisfies the palate; great tea transcends the mind. An intentionally brewed cup calms the spirit and guides us to quiet moments of self-reflection. When shared communally, tea is the glue that facilitates conversations and strengthens bonds. The joy of tea drinking should be practiced frequently to elevate our daily routines. This is the guiding ethos behind Té Company: to make teatime more delicious, more intentional, and more accessible.

Great teatime starts with a quality harvest and skillful tea makers. Our teas are sourced 100% from Taiwan, a darling tea region with centuries of tea-producing heritage. We buy directly from our producers – most of them have been tea makers for generations.

We select teas by asking ourselves three questions.

Does the tea represent the island of Taiwan – the land, the people, and its heritage?

Taiwanese tea and teamaking is heavily shaped by its history and people. We look for tea varieties that crystallize various facets of this unique history. Whether originating from the migration from China or influenced by Japanese occupation, we find the stories behind our teas as delicious as the teas themselves. Our Iconic tea set consists of six styles each representing a part of Taiwanese heritage significant to the local tea industry. Some of our other tea selections showcase small-town tea producers which mostly sell to the local community. Many also reflect the innovation of a younger generation of tea growers. Tea is a living, consumable artifact – we admire its heritage and look forward to its continuing evolution.

Do the teas come from tea makers who care for their work with genuine integrity and honesty?

Every year we spend a month getting to know our producers in Taiwan. We visit their land, their processing facilities, and oftentimes their homes. The first step of getting to know a tea is getting to know its maker. We believe teas will taste like the character of their origin. We seldom request production modifications because we want you to taste the teas as intended by their makers. We entrust our highly seasoned and generational tea makers with bringing us the best showcase of that year’s harvest.

Most importantly, does the tea taste good?

Deliciousness is a subjective notion, though we believe there is consensus amongst our collective tea palates.

- We look for brightness and clarity in the color of the infusion and consistency in shade and size of the tea leaves.
- We seek layered fragrances with a lasting aroma and finish.
- We require a balanced structure and silkiness in the infusion without harsh bitterness.

Using these basic guidelines, we select teas with a wide range of aromas and profiles from grassy to malty, from floral to fruity, and from gentle to robust. We believe every tea has a personality that suits a particular mood and occassion. Whether you are a serious tea connoisseur brewing with a clay pot or a casual tea drinker using a mug with a sachet, we are here to help find the perfect tea for you.

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