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Tea Atelier

DIGEST | Taiwan Sourcing '24

Welcome to our 2024 sourcing digest. This is a compilation of mini journals from this year's trip to Taiwan. Brew a cup, set aside some time, and pretend you are visiting the tea farms with us!

Private Tea Tastings & Seminars

Since ancient times, tea has always been the glue that holds communities together. Whether it's brand collaboration, private tearoom event or large conference tasting, let us help you put together a fun and meaningful event through tea.

DIGEST | An Evening with The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A collaboration with the European Sculpture and Decorative Arts team at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as they spill the tea on its lasting historical and cultural effect in the context of porcelain.

Year of the Dragon

Happy Lunar New Year! Start your Lunar New Year celebration by getting to know 2024's zodiac animal, the confident and ambitious Dragon.

How to Make Dried Persimmons (Hoshigaki)

Simple and effective steps to transform Hachiya persimmons into sweet and delicious treats. From choosing the right variety to the drying process, our 'persimmon compass' offers insights and step-by-step instructions.

2023 Retrospective

Goodbye 2023! Here are the highlights and most memorable moments in 2023.

White Peony Tea

White Peony is a flower, but it is also a sweet yet soothing tea with a naturally delicate flavor and soft mouthfeel. White teas are as close as possible to a freshly plucked tea leaf, as they are minimally processed and lightly oxidized. 

What is Gourmet Loose Leaf Tea?

When we talk about 'gourmet tea,' it's essential to recognize that while the term is often associated with high quality, it's also a powerful marketing tool. This doesn't diminish the value of the so-called ‘gourmet tea’ but reminds tea enthusiasts to explore and understand what lies behind this label.

What are Tannins in Tea?

Tannins in tea affect color, flavor, and astringency. Find their benefits, how brewing time and temperature influence tannin levels, and the variations across different types of tea.

Does Tea Expire? It's Complicated

Just as spices lose their punch and oils can spoil, different types of tea also have varying shelf lives. Though not a health risk, expired tea loses its flavor and aroma.

Taiwanese Pineapple Cake: History, Symbolism, and Ingredients

Have you ever tried a Taiwanese pineapple cake? A buttery crust meets a jam-filled center, making it the best compan...

8th Anniversary Golden Ticket 2023

Té turns 8 this year and in keeping with last few year's anniversary, we’re continuing the Golden Ticket event inspired by Willy Wonka to celebrate our birthday with you. Find out more details here!

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