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Tea Atelier

Pineapple Tonic Recipe

Summer heat waves have rolled in and it's time to spice up our beverage game. Yes, a comforting cup of tea is our st...

Guide: How to make tea infused cocktails

Tea is our main subject, naturally we find creative ways to steep them. We've steeped them in different temperature ...

Taiwan Sourcing '23

Welcome to our 2023 sourcing digest. This is a compilation of mini journals from this year's trip to Taiwan. Our typical routine for sourcing is keeping a homebase in Taipei while taking mini journeys to various towns. We organized the diaries in such sequence to recap our thoughts and takeaway. Enjoy! 

Evening Tea: A Calm End to Your Busy Day

We'll chat about our favorite relaxing brews, share some cool health perks of evening tea, and even spill the tea on brewing the perfect cup. Let's make your evenings a little more 'ahhh' together.

Guide: How to Buy Oolong Tea Online

We get it, you are ready to venture into the exciting and diverse world of oolong teas but don't know where to start. We're here to be your guide on this journey. Although we are a company specializing in Taiwanese oolongs, we will aim to be as unbiased as possible.

DIGEST | Preserving Kumquats

Let us take you behind to scenes on how we preserve and jar kumquats, one of our favorite tea snacks.

Year of the Rabbit

Happy Lunar New Year! Start your Lunar New Year celebration by getting to know 2023's zodiac animal, the kind and faithful Rabbit.

DIGEST | Elaine Lee

For this year's Holiday gift box design, we were thrilled to be working with a local illustrator, Elaine Lee, to bring our vision to life. Elaine works mainly with watercolor and color pencils. Her illustrated stationaries are adorned. Get to know her here!

7th Anniversary Golden Ticket 2022

Té turns 7 this year and in keeping with the last two years' anniversaries, we’re continuing the Golden Ticket event to celebrate our birthday with you.

DIGEST | Youkee & Seiko Nishida

For Té's 7th year anniversary month, we invited a local artist, Youkee Nishita, to celebrate our birthday with us. It's our first time hosting an artist exhibition at the tearoom and we think it's going to be quite special. Get to know him here!

DIGEST | Poetry of Wei Ying-Wu

Moody, atmospheric, and full of landscapes and portraits of everyday life, Wei Ying-Wu's poetry is perfect for summer tea drinking. We like them best in the countryside or on the beach, but they also work as an elevated form of escapism...we can confirm.

DIGEST | Assembling Lu Rou Fan

To celebrate AAPI, we’re bringing you jars of our signature braised pork sauce for Taiwanese style Sunday Supper. All you need to do is cook the rice and assemble. Add a pot of Oriental Beauty and a couple of Pineapple Linzers, what better way to celebrate than an assembly of Taiwanese flavors.

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