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Why should I buy my tea from you?

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Because we personally buy all the tea that we carry. We know every single maker for every single tea. We specialize in Taiwanese Tea therefor we spend all our sourcing resources focusing on one island. Our founder is also a Taiwan Native, which means she a local.

Why do you run out of certain teas? I had a favorite and now it's gone.

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Very good quality teas are made hand made in small batches. Often times when the batch runs out you would have to replace it. Sometimes we have unique batches that we carry and when it's gone, it's gone forever. That is what makes tea so unique.

What is Oolong Tea anyway?

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Oolong tea is commonly referred to as semi-oxidized tea or wu-long tea. Oxidation (think apple or avocado browning) level is what defines green, oolong and black teas. Green tea is 0% oxidized and black tea is 100% oxidized. Oolong tea is partially oxidized and therefore covers a large canvas of flavor variations and complexities. Lightly oxidized oolongs tend to be more similar to green tea, more vegetal but with hints of white flowers. Heavier oxidized oolongs tend to carry richer floral notes with maltier aroma similar to black teas. 

How do I steep loose leaf teas?

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First time steeping loose leaf tea can seem troublesome. We have created two simple brewing methods for hot tea and iced tea preparations: click brewing guides for more details.

How should I store my loose leaf tea?

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Storing tea is simple. There are five elements that impacts the freshness of your tea - exposure to OXYGEN, HEAT, LIGHT, MOISTURE and ODORS. Keep your tea in an airtight container and store in a cool, dark, and dry location, away from these five elements mentioned above.

Tell me more about your shipping policy?

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For more details on our shipping and handling, please click here.

About Us

Where does the word “Té” come from?

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Glad you asked, read our story here.

Can you send me product to review for my blog / magazine?

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We trust that our sourcing team is working with some of the best tea makers in Taiwan and therefore we don’t send out samples or solicit reviews. If you would like to try our product and you are in NYC, we would love to host you here. For press inquires, please contact us at

Do you accept reservations at the Tearoom?

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Due to the size of our tearoom we are unable to accommodate reservations at this time. Our apologies for the inconvenience. The only advance booking we accept are the private tea tastings.

Is there a tearoom menu we can reference?

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We serve all the teas we sell on our website by the pots in our tearoom. Our snack menu changes frequently therefore we don't post them. Feel free to look through photos on google review or yelp for your reference.

What are your recommended places to visit in Taiwan?

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Check out our blog post for all our favorite places in Taiwan.

Do you offer Wholesale?

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We don't. If you are looking for a suplier of good tea we are more than welcome to give you a recomendation. Send us an email.

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