Glad you asked, we wrote a whole story about it here.
Simply put, imagine that the tea leaf is an avocado (it might be a weird explanation, but bear with us). When you cut an avocado in half and it’s expose to air, heat, and light, it starts turning brown, that process is called oxidation. The same applies to the tea leaf once it’s plucked from the tree. A good rule of thumb (don’t quote us on this one, we would be expelled from the tea society) is that a green avocado equals green tea, a black avocado equals black tea, and everything in between is called Oolong tea. This is a dead simple explanation and oolong has much more to it — some are even roasted — so if you want to know exactly how it’s made please check out our Tea Atelier.
To help with different methods we have an assortment of educational resources.
Whichever method you choose, use filtered water for a better tasting tea.
 Check out our array of brewing guides for more details.
In short, storing tea is simple. There are four elements that impacts the freshness of your tea - OXYGEN, HEAT, LIGHT, MOISTURE and ODORS. Keep the tea in an airtight container in a cool, dark, dry place and away from strong odors.
For the time being, we don’t like to send out samples or solicit reviews. If you want to try out our tea and are in the New York area please stop by our store and more often than not there is always something brewing.
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