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Green Sanctuary Farm

Here is a list of naturally farmed tea made without toxic chemical. These tea makers are based in small villages making teas that's better for the environment and healthier for their communities. Teas from the Green Sanctuary Farm were made by a Buddhist Monastery. Its Monks practice the art of the tea making as a vocation and path of Zen. The monks experiment regularly, and because of their methods and commitment every batch is unique.

How is specialty tea different from standard tea?

Tea is often referred as "premium" and "artisan", which can be interpreted as "speciality". These are marketing terms. At Té, We consider Specialty a term that reflects on the idea that tea is offered as loose leaf, grown in ideal and specific geographic microclimates, which offers distinct and unique flavor profiles. A delicious tea that reflects the craft of the entire supply chain, from tea farmer to cup.

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