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Wedding Celebration

Celebrate the big day with festivity and joy. In Chinese tradition, bright crimson flowers signify prosperity and happiness for the couple. We have dressed up our celebration gifts, ceremonial teaset and auspicious party favors accordingly.

Finest Wedding Gifts

Delicious tea and treats add an extra touch of warmth and comfort. Whether you are gifting the couple or their families, we have prepared these options with our most beloved items to make planning easy peasy.

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Choicest Tea Service

Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony is one of the significant traditions in a wedding celebration. It signifies the couple joining their families as a union in sharing a pot of tea. Typically, bright floral teaware in red are used to add a touch of luck and prosperity.

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Prosperity Party Favors

Incorporate New York's favorite cookie into your celebration. Spread the joy with our Pineapple Linzers because pineapple symbolizes abundance and fortune. For the tea lovers, loose leaf or sachets are also available as party favors.

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