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Private Tea Tastings & Seminars

Since ancient times, tea has always been the glue that holds communities together. From literary gatherings to political debates, teatime was instrumental in facilitating the exchange of ideas across eastern and western cultures.

The modern tea experience should also deliver the same level of communal adhesion. We started holding corporate virtual tasting during the pandemic as a way for the team to connect outside of the business. Today, we offer an array of activities and tasting seminars, both virtual and in person, to companies across the US. Whether it's brand collaboration, private tearoom event or large conference tasting, we've enjoyed seeing the community gather within the context of tea. Below are a few snippets for your reference.

new york in office tea event for AAPI tea history event corporate office
Classical Chinese painting of an outdoor tea ceremony, figures in elegant dress around tables with tea cups and vessels

What We Offer

Every event need is nuanced. Whether it's for general team building, AAPI month celebration or Wellness Week events, we can customize the activity to achieve your goal and stay on budget

  1. In-person Tasting Seminar at our tearoom
  2. In-person Tasting Seminar at your office
  3. Private Tearoom Buyout
  4. Virtual Tea Tasting
  5. Office Amenities for tea or treats
  6. Party favors and corporate gifting

gaiwan on a table

In person or Virtual Tea Tastings

Get to know the world of Taiwanese teas through guided tastings.

tea pot on a table skyline of new york

Team Building Activities

Foster camaraderie with collaborative tea-inspired activities.

pineapple cakes and treats on a table

Office Amenities & Party Gift

Perk up the office snack bar or impress your team with our delicious single serve teas & treats.

remote corporate tasting
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