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Make the Most of Oolong Tea Bags

Brewing tea using a tea sachet doesn't need much guidance - add your tea bag of choice into a mug, pour in some hot water, and 1-2 minutes later you have yourself a delicious cup of hot tea.

Have you contemplated all the other unique ways you can utilize your tea bags? Because there is, in fact, more than one way of using a pre-measured bagged tea.

Four ways to utilize your tea bags

tea bag inside  a cup
tea bags inside water bottle
tea bags in a pitcher
teapot white background

Our tea bag options

From milk oolong tea bags to even black teas, we've got you covered:

  • Oriental Green - A vibrant Taiwanese green tea with a bright and grassy flavor.
  • Golden Lily - This milk oolong with a nutty almond finish.
  • Frozen Summit - Taiwan's everyday tea. Buckwheat and caramel notes.
  • Oriental Beauty - Once Taiwan's most precious tea now in tea bags. It has a floral and citrusy aroma
  • Jade Rouge - A black tea bag with a bold flavor with brown sugar notes

In summary

Our suggestions are mainly about brewing delicious teas using the sachets. What's not mentioned here are ways to use your spent teabags. Add them to your bath to take advantage of tea's natural antibacterial and antioxidant properties for the skin.

The sachets are sturdy so you can use the spent tea bags as a sponge to clean your kitchen sink to reduce cooking odor. The possibilities are endless so email us if you have other good suggestions!

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