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Product image 1Golden Lily Sachet | Oolong Tea
Product image 2Golden Lily Sachet | Oolong Tea
Product image 3Golden Lily Sachet | Oolong Tea
Product image 4Golden Lily Sachet | Oolong Tea
Product image 5Golden Lily Sachet | Oolong Tea

Golden Lily Sachet | Oolong Tea

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We champion drinking better tea, which often means setting aside time for intentional tea drinking, brewed in a favorite teaware with loose leaf tea. 

Some days, however, that leisurely teatime is not in the cards. And should you have to choose between delicious tea and the convenience of a tea bag when juggling multiple obligations?

Meet our Té Sachet.

We fill these bags with loose leaf tea, of course. No grind up tea powder here. Measured at almost 3 grams per sachet, it is a heavier dose than most market comparables. We want the serious tea fiend in you to also enjoy tea bag brewing while on the go.

We offer our Té Sachets in three different oolong profiles, one green and one black to pair with the mood of the day.

Learn more about Oolong Tea or check out our guide to Tea Sachets.


12 tea sachets per package at ~3 grams each 

36 grams (1.2 oz) per package

Our sachets are made with non-GMO corn-based PLA and are biodegradable. 


Golden Lily | Oolong tea · low oxidation · light roast

Flavor Profile: Wildflower, brioche, evergreen

Made with milk cultivar (or Jinxuan), this tea is creamy, vegetal, and light bodied. We like it for the start of the day or as an elegant early afternoon tea break with a butter shortbread.

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