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Tea Atelier

History of Taiwanese Black Tea

Taiwan was once a key supplier of black teas for the western tea connoisseur. Read a brief history on Taiwanese black tea cultivation before you sample our selection of delicious varieties.

Fondest Memories of Té

Té opened in the West Village on October 23rd, 2015 and it has been an incredibly rewarding journey even with all th...

Mooncakes and Tea Pairing

Tea is typically the beverage of choice to compliment mooncakes. With the rainbow of options out there for mooncakes fillings, we thought we would suggest a few tea pairings to make your Mid-Autumn celebration more delicious.

What is High Mountain Tea?

Usually high mountain tea refers to oolong teas. All oolong teas are semi-oxidized, and high mountain teas are on the lighter end of oxidation, between 20%-40%. This gentle processing allows the beautiful flavor and aromas of the tea to shine through. The elevation and unique climate create a tea highly sought after by tea lovers.

What is Tie Guan Yin?

Tie Guan Yin is a popular type of oolong tea. Oolong teas are semi-oxidized, which puts them in a category between green and black teas in flavor and appearance. The controlled level of oxidation creates a complex flavor profile. Depending on the production style, it can be rich and floral, or deep and toasty.

How to Care for Your Clay Teapot

There are many different types of materials used to make teapots. Glass, porcelain, and clay are the most common ones that we use. The properties of each material make them more suitable for brewing certain types of tea vs. the others. Learn here how to care for your teapot.

Hibiscus Lemonade Recipe

Summer is here and there is nothing more refreshing than a cup of cold delicious lemonade on a warm day. We decided to add some color to our lemonade with the help of our Hibiscus Flowers that come to us directly from Taiwan.

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea, Hibiscus sabdariffa or Roselle, is a versatile herbal tea made from the crimson colored calyces of the flower. When dried and infused, it glows with a deep red hue and has a tangy flavor similar to sour plums or juicy cranberries. Hot or iced hibiscus tea is consumed all over the world, with many cultures developing their own recipes over time, and has several supposed health benefits.

Sanxia Biluochun

Biluochun (碧螺春) is a style of unoxidized green tea made from the tea plant, Camellia Sinensis. Biluochun came from Jiansu, China and was adopted by green tea makers of Sanxia in Taiwan in the early 1900's. The prized batch are made with small and fuzzy young tea buds and its flavor is grassy, nutty and sweet.

Choose the Right Iced Tea Method for You

Everyone has a way of making iced tea at home. With so much information available with different tricks and tips, it is easy to get lost and overwhelmed. Let us simplify the process for you since making tea is as simple as combining tea, water, and time. We will look at each of these elements to help you determine which brewing methods are best for each occasion.

Taiwanese Tea

Every tea region has its own specialty. Taiwan is no exception. The cultural influences from China and Japan in addition to its natural resources give Taiwan an unique point of view in the teas they produce. Read about the top 10 major Taiwanese tea styles that are the most influential and iconic today.

Benefits of GABA Tea

GABA tea is a type of tea processed to be rich in gamma-aminobutyric acid, which can benefit those with stress, anxiety, insomnia, hypertension and other conditions. Drinking GABA tea can help promote overall health, and its fans claim the tea helps them achieve a calm state of being and a sense of clarity.

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