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Fondest Memories of Té

Té opened in the West Village on October 23rd, 2015 and it has been an incredibly rewarding journey even with all the challenges of 2020. Truthfully, the best part of our everyday was getting to know each and every one of you. Thank you for your support, love and inspiration. We couldn't have done it without you!

In that spirit, we've made a video to celebrate all of you for our 5th year anniversary. We've also asked you to share your fondest memories of Té, which are compiled below. Hopefully this captured all your wonderful spirit and the joy we've shared together.

Thank you for being part of Té!

Those first days of motherhood with Mack Henry, I would spend my days walking him up sleep cross town. Always ending my journey at Te where I'd chat with Elena and Fred. Sometimes even handed me baby boy over to them so I could fill up on a hearty lunch. Those were some of my best memories at Te Company

November 2015, a sunny day in the West Village. I was a wandering lost tourist and I saw a tea pot draw on a window. It took me 2 years, and a moving cross the ocean, to find « Where did I see this tea pot »? I remember the smell of the soap, and the taste of the Sanctuary tea I drunk that very first time. I was shy and took it to go. From a bench in Washington square I wrote to my friend back home « I finally found this tiny tea pot place ».

Spending time with my daughter, enjoying Frederico’s treat of the day. Walking in alone and noting the single chair is free and I have a good book with me. I love your greeting!!

Discovering that Elena knows my husband (who didn’t come with me the first time to Té) and had gone to school together. And even more amazing that she figured out by looking through my baby’s photos! And then Elena bursting into laughter when my cousin told her that she “boils” her water for tea in the microwave. A very memorable first time at Té!

Introducing my now husband (who is French) to Taiwanese tea and coffee for the first time! And sharing pineapple cookies with the entire extended family back in France

Discovering your delicious coconut cake, I thought I had landed in heaven!

My friend Scott Peacock, a chef, brought me the first time to have the best cookie he ever had. I fell for the place, the presentation, the owners, the tea descriptions and oh man, that cookie! Best times were the tasting dinners, reading moby dick at the single table while it was raining, and anytime food is served. !Te amo, Té!

I always take friends and acquaintances there and we without fail will have an inspiring conversation with big dreams.

Té is special for me because it always feels home when I come to their space. Elena, Fred and staff has always been welcoming and always down for a small conversation.

Té Company is one of our favorite places to go, so my fiancé took me to Té right before he proposed. We try to go as often as we can ❤️

We visited Te Company for the first time in early November 2018, having only recently become a couple. It was unusually warm so we left work early, excited to find a quiet place to drink traditional tea. I wore my blue dress for him. The corner table was empty and inviting and we quickly settled for what turned out to be one of our most romantic afternoons; we held hands, enjoyed sweet and savory flavors, and sipped tea while looking into each others eyes. Tea had helped bring us together, and Te Company turned out to be an ideal place to savor wonderful tea, and each other. We both loved a roasted oolong, and appreciated the detailed notes and further explanation from our server. We made notes for what we would try the next time - we already knew that this was going to be a very special place for us to visit together. While Covid-19 has interrupted our planned visits, we have been ordering on line (that Maqaw is really amazing!), but we can't wait to get back in person; tea is best savored in a quiet, beautiful space, with a person you love.

This is the only tea house in NYC or anywhere else for that manner that my husband was willing to sit in with me and allowed us serenity and peace of mind. Sending our love and gratitude to Te on their 5th!!!!!!!

A Té haiku. A Téiku. Brews, snacks, friendly chats / I pause to sip and reflect / peacefully, at home.

Sitting in the window seat with a pineapple linzer and a pot of tea during the first big snow of the year.

I was introduced to Té by a brand-new friend. I loved it immediately and my friendship with Camille flourished so I always associate Té with the good things that can flow between people. Becoming friends with Elena and Fred has been a bonus gift. Thanks and happy anniversary. I raise my tiny teacup to you.

Té Company makes everyday moments special. Elena transports you to the faraway land of Taiwan with its rich history of Oolong tea, while Frederico elevates your tastebuds by making seemingly simple snacks sublime.

Té is my happy place, a respite from the world where I can sit in the comfy chair and read for hours and just... breathe. I'm so grateful for the space you've nurtured over the years!

Elena and Frederico, You have created a tranquil oasis in the bustle of New York City. Everything about your tea room is beautiful from the teas that you expertly select and prepare to Frederico’s superb food that complements the tea so beautifully. Congratulations on your first five years. May there be many more. XX Terese

I miss Fred's cooking stories; we loved our tea class one year on my birthday! What I miss most is visits to Te either right after picking up a new book to read at Three Lives...A few moments of respite to escape inside the pages before the real world calls me outside again. Much love to you!!!

There are so many wonderful memories! But I'll never forget the first time I went. It was pure magic!! Refreshing iced tea, music, cookies and a tomato and burrata salad that was beyond beyond!! So grateful for all the tea and cozy joy!

I’m not sure if there is one moment in particular. Té feels like a home away from home. I love catching up with all of you and ordering all of Fred’s food. I can’t wait till we can hang out and I can sit in my favorite armchair.

My favorite Té Company memory is from a beautiful May morning about a week before my daughter was born. I had just started my maternity leave and had the day to myself. I decided to pop in to Té Company on my walk downtown. I was the first and only person there at 11 am. I sat down facing the window, drank a delicious oolong tea and ate a stuffed date whilst enjoying the jazz music and reminiscing about when I used to live a little further east on 10th Street. I bought some linzer cookies as a treat to eat after my baby would be born and stocked up on tea. I left and went about my day, feeling as in bloom and full of life as that gorgeous Spring day in New York was. I thoroughly enjoyed that spontaneous visit to Té but didn’t think much more of it at the time. After my baby was born, I did indeed eat those cookies and drink that tea. And I came to reminisce about that simple morning quite a lot, in fact. I love my daughter all consumingly and love being a mother more than I could ever have imagined. But as those with young children know, spending time alone in a café, daydreaming and not being accountable to anyone are not things that happen much in those early baby years! And I did, and do, sometimes miss these things. So each morning, as I would take my oolong tea out of its pretty box and brew a delicious cup, I would often think about that perfect morning in my old life whilst also turning towards all the beauty and love in my new life – holding on to the woman I was and embracing the mother I was becoming

Long, leisurely lunches. Learning to love anchovies. Alejandro responding with "beautiful"

Walking past the Te house for the first time, when it just opened, and entering the beautiful space was truly blissful. I connected with Elena and Frederico right away and they were very hospitable. I enjoyed the tea, snacks, and books they had beautifully laid out on the shelves. Truly my favorite place in the city!

Evenings in the kitchen drinking oriental beauty with my mom

Te has taught me to relax, to be thoughtful, to remove distractions and to just enjoy a warm cup of tea and some cheesecake in a gorgeous setting. Elena and Frederico are my favorite duo and without them I wouldn't have this hidden gem to run to on a good day, bad day, any day really.

A place of refuge where I can find rest, peace, and savor the delicious tea and treats. Thank you, Team Te!

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