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Tea Atelier

DIGEST | Reopening the Tearoom

Finally, we reopened our doors for indoor tea service. Read our reopening journey particularly in checking vaccination cards.

DIGEST | Persimmons

Persimmons are just pretty great. They look good, they last a while (decorations can’t go bad in a day or two), and when they’ve ripened they taste good, too. This year, we dried a lot of them in our tiny New York City tearoom to share with our guests. Read about our journey here!

Year of the Tiger

Happy Lunar New Year! Start your year by getting to know 2022's zodiac animal, the confident and ambitious Tiger.

6th Anniversary Golden Ticket 2021

Té turns 6 this year and in keeping with last year's anniversary, we’re continuing the Golden Ticket event inspired by Willy Wonka to celebrate our birthday with you.

DIGEST | Luise Stauss & Nicholas Blechman

For Té's 6th year anniversary, we invited the ultra cool New York creative duo Nicholas Blechman and Luise Stauss to design our Golden Tickets. Besides winning prize, we think the ticket itself is a collector's piece. Get to know them here!

History of Mooncake: A Classic Taiwanese Snack

In this month's digest, we go behind the scene on the making our Taiwanese mooncakes. Also what is a Taiwanese mooncake and how does it differ from a Cantonese mooncake sold in the Chinese bakeries? You can learn all of it here.

DIGEST | Teatime with Roslyn Schloss

Sometimes you see someone on the street and you have a premonition: you will meet, they will be incredibly interesting, and they will have fascinating opinions about very specific things which probably wouldn’t have ever crossed your mind. In this month’s digest, we meet one such New Yorker who Elena once saw on the street and knew would become a Té customer. As they say, the rest is history.

Natasha Pickowicz's Never Ending Taste at Té

For our first collaboration, we’re joining up with pastry chef Natasha Pickowicz. You might know her from her pop up series Never Ending Taste, which has made appearances in New York, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

How to Socialize in a Not Quite Post-COVID World

With our social lives coming out of hibernation, it’s time to address the big issues: how do you socialize? What even is a conversation? We reflected and we investigated. Read about it in this month’s digest.

DIGEST | Two Days in Yilan: A Sourcing Trip

For some people, May means the beginning of spring or the final stretch of the semester, but for us it means harvest...

DIGEST | Spring Tea Drinking

With warm, sunny days in the park followed by rain and a 20 degree temperature drop and back again, we know spring is really here. Read about the heating and cooling properties of tea in Traditional Chinese Medicine and how to incorporate it into your own springtime tea routine.

DIGEST | Contemplating Tea Snacks

In this month's digest, we reflect on our snack journey since the beloved Pineapple Linzer cookie.

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