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Tea Atelier

DIGEST | An Evening with The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A collaboration with the European Sculpture and Decorative Arts team at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as they spill the tea on its lasting historical and cultural effect in the context of porcelain.

Year of the Dragon

Happy Lunar New Year! Start your Lunar New Year celebration by getting to know 2024's zodiac animal, the confident and ambitious Dragon.

Behind the Scenes: Anniversary Tea Towel

Behind the scenes for our Anniversary Tea Towel. Made in Portugal, this towel is made with 100% linen and hand embroidered by Emilia, a seamstress from Santa Maria da Feira. Get to know the process here.

DIGEST | Sourcing Organic

Coverting conventional tea farming to an organic one takes determination and patience. Here is an incredible group of people with a deep sense of purpose in creating a sustainable organic tea community in Pinglin, Taiwan. Read about their journey here.

Guide: How to make tea infused cocktails

Tea is our main subject, naturally we find creative ways to steep them. We've steeped them in different temperature ...

Taiwan Sourcing '23

Welcome to our 2023 sourcing digest. This is a compilation of mini journals from this year's trip to Taiwan. Our typical routine for sourcing is keeping a homebase in Taipei while taking mini journeys to various towns. We organized the diaries in such sequence to recap our thoughts and takeaway. Enjoy! 

DIGEST | Preserving Kumquats

Let us take you behind to scenes on how we preserve and jar kumquats, one of our favorite tea snacks.

DIGEST | Elaine Lee

For this year's Holiday gift box design, we were thrilled to be working with a local illustrator, Elaine Lee, to bring our vision to life. Elaine works mainly with watercolor and color pencils. Her illustrated stationaries are adorned. Get to know her here!

7th Anniversary Golden Ticket 2022

Té turns 7 this year and in keeping with the last two years' anniversaries, we’re continuing the Golden Ticket event to celebrate our birthday with you.

DIGEST | Youkee & Seiko Nishida

For Té's 7th year anniversary month, we invited a local artist, Youkee Nishita, to celebrate our birthday with us. It's our first time hosting an artist exhibition at the tearoom and we think it's going to be quite special. Get to know him here!

DIGEST | Poetry of Wei Ying-Wu

Moody, atmospheric, and full of landscapes and portraits of everyday life, Wei Ying-Wu's poetry is perfect for summer tea drinking. We like them best in the countryside or on the beach, but they also work as an elevated form of escapism...we can confirm.

DIGEST | Clementina

Meet our favorite Portuguese grandmother. Born in 1928 in a small Portuguese town near Porto, Clementina is a force to be reckoned with: Her resilience, independence, and strength are near-universal traits of motherhood.

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