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DIGEST | Luise Stauss & Nicholas Blechman

There are a lot of ways to finish the sentence "I want to move to New York and..." from the vague (and become famous, or live near Central Park) to the incredibly specific (and become the youngest editor of Vogue, found a start-up and become a millionaire by twenty-five and an influential philanthropist by thirty, make obscure but incredible art that can only be appreciated fifty years after your death due to a stipulation in your will). But as anyone who has lived in New York can tell you: if you can imagine it, someone in New York has lived it. The ultra cool couple Nicholas Blechman and Luise Stauss are no exception. Read on to get to know the 'and become a multi-talented creative who also happens to have exceptional taste in tea' version of that sentence.

Current favorite tea:

Oriental Beauty Grand - tea’s champagne

Current favorite snack:

Luise: Pineapple linzer cookies with salt and chili / Nicholas: Dick Taylor Chocolate Covered Almonds

Favorite New York activity:

Luise: Waking up with my children / Nicholas: Discovering unknown neighborhoods

Grew up in:

Luise: Berlin / Nicholas: New York


Luise: Photo Director / Nicholas: Creative Director

Nicholas Blechman New Yorker Aug 2019
Nicholas Blechman Instagram thank you everyone
Nicholas Blechman Instagram house table
Luise Stauss Instagram Atlantic
Luise Stauss Instagram Atlantic foot
Luise Stauss Instagram Zeit magazine
What is it about New York City that attracts you most?

I've always been fascinated by the architectural density and eclecticism of New York: it’s cast iron facades, brownstones, steel spires on top of skyscrapers. It’s sounds and people, it’s light. New York is bursting with energy and ideas. It is a constant inspiration.

How did you meet?

In Nicholas' design studio on Chrystie Street.

How often do you collaborate professionally? Is it difficult to work together as couple?

We collaborate only a few times a year, but always look at each other's work. Creative collaboration is the best, except when cooking.

What exactly is a director of photography?

I commission and art direct photography for The Atlantic, America’s oldest magazine.

And what’s the role of a creative director in a magazine?

I oversee the visual content of the magazine in it's many forms - print, digital, live events, books, podcasts.

You both communicate visually for major publications. What’s the most rewarding and the most challenging aspects of working in this medium?

Being able to look at each new story with fresh eyes, and working with world class journalists and authors.

What's your tea setup at home?
Luise Stauss oolong toast plate
Luise Stauss tea setup
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