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6th Anniversary Golden Ticket 2021

Meet our 2021 Golden Ticket Winners

Pineapple Linzer Subscription Winner

Claire and her sister Amy, fellow NYC residents, stopped by the tearoom during our anniversary weekend and placed a few in person pickup orders in addition to sending their parents a gift of tea and cookies in California. The winning order number for the Golden Ticket ended up being the gift sent to their parents, who were too shy to be in the photo. We thoroughly enjoyed involving the entire family in our celebration! And how adorable are these two?

Tea Subscription Winner

This year's tea subscription winner was very excited about winning the Golden Ticket, Seinfeld excited style, if you will. Though, they are quite camera shy, therefore sans picture. We very much look forward to showering them with six months worth of delicious oolong in the coming months.

For the rest of the participants, thank you for celebrating with us. We would like to invite you to try again next year when we turn 7!

The 2021 Golden Ticket

Té turns 6 this year and in keeping with last year's anniversary, we’re continuing the Golden Ticket event inspired by Willy Wonka to celebrate our birthday with you.

We will be placing two golden tickets in two different orders placed between Friday October 22nd and Sunday October 24th, selected at random. Anyone who ends up with the lucky ticket–there are only two–is in for a surprise. One winner will receive six month of pineapple linzers and the other will receive six month of tea, so start praying to the Golden Ticket Gods now!

How it works

Every order placed between October 22nd (Friday) and October 24th (Sunday) will be eligible golden ticket prospects.

To make sure there are absolutely no obstacle between you and your chance of winning, we are offering free shipping (for any order value) with the promo code "HAPPY6" between Friday 10/22 and Sunday 10/24. That way you can order as many times as you want to increase your chances.

For NYC residents who prefer to visit our tearoom to pickup your order, simply place an order online for pickup in person. All pickup orders will also be eligible to enter the Golden Ticket drawing.

Who designed the ticket

We have commissioned the visual creative duo Nicholas Blechman & Luise Stauss to create this year's golden tickets. The golden tickets are printed locally at lucky risograph, a risograph printing press in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Nicholas is a New York based art-director, illustrator, and designer. Born in New York, he was raised by R.O. Blechman, the legendary American animator and illustrator. Nicholas is known for his distinctive minimal line style and the use of simple geometric shapes in graphic design and illustration. He is currently the Creative Director for The New Yorker.

Luise is a visual consultant, also based in New York. She was born in Berlin and is an avid tea drinker. She has many tea drinking memories with her father and is a long time Té customer. Luise helped launch T Magazine and co-founded photography consultancy Stauss&Quint in 2014. She is currently the Director of Photography for The Atlantic.

Nicholas and Luise embody the quintessential stylish, low-key, New York cool. Their apartment is featured in Dwell Magazine, a space filled with vintage furniture and accented with colorful artwork and accessories. They are bicycle lovers and you may find them on the bike path commuting between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Learn more about them here.

What's in the ticket

There are two tickets -

  • One ticket redeems six months of Pineapple Linzers, two box of 6 linzers delivered monthly.
  • One ticket redeems six months of Loose Leaf Taiwanese Tea, 1 box of 2 oz tea delivered monthly.
  • Each ticket comes with our anniversary tote, spiced up with doodles from Nicholas and Luise, our golden ticket designers.

If you are the chosen one, we will contact you via the email address you used for the order.

Happy Birthday to us and good luck to you!


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