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Year of the Tiger

Tiger in Qipao

Getting to know the Tiger


Year of the Tiger Birth Years

1926 1962 1998
1938 1974 2010
1950 1986 2022

Personality Traits

If we had to describe a tiger as a cliché, it would be “live your best life.” People born in the year of the tiger are confident, ambitious, and willing to take a risk. Sure, sometimes that involves a bit of stubbornness, but tigers are seriously social: they can take the ego check.

Though it can look a little intense from the outside, tigers live on no one’s terms but their own. And isn’t that what we all want at the end of the day? For a tiger, manifesting is as much an art as it is a feat of sheer determination.

Lucky Things for the Bull

Colors: Blue, Grey, Orange
Numbers: 1, 3 and 4
Flowers: Cineraria
Gemstone: Sapphire
Best match: Horse, Pig
Directions of auspiciousness:: east, southeast, south
Directions of wealth: northeast, southwest
Directions of love: east


Famous people born in the year of the Tiger

John Coltrane, Marilyn Monroe,
Penelope Cruz, Karl Popper,
Lady Gaga, David Attenborough,
Miles Davis, Leonardo DiCaprio.

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