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Summer Sipping

We are firm believers in color matching your beverage to the season. In the winter, we prefer heartwarming vintage oolongs for its darker tones. But for the summer, we take pale yellow infusions and bright orange iced teas to complement shades of sunshine.

We also experiment with steeping methods and temperature more in the summer because as you know, schools out, rules out! Here are a few delicious (and fun) ways of brewing for summer teatime.

Iced Tea Your Way

If you are an iced tea person, this is your true constant. But, cold brew or hot brew? We breakdown the difference so you can pick the way you ice tea. Hot tip: Our favorite tearoom iced tea is Ruby Brew.

Start Brewing

Wonders of Sachet

Premeasured and individually portioned, don't underestimate the power of our sachets. They are our go-to especially for summer travels. Up the mountain, down the river, or abroad in a foreign land. A little teatime intermission can feel so luxurious. Stuff a few in a water bottle for cold infusion or brew them grandpa style in your reusable mug. All you need is water!

Power Sachets

Shaken Tea

Strong tea, lots of ice and a cocktail shaker. We recommend exactly 33 shakes. This is the Queen B of iced tea: classy, sassy, a true VIP. We love our Jade Rouge for this exercise. Think of the little bubbles as aromatic pouches that enhance the fragrance of the tea. Plus, who doesn't need a leisurely summer activity?

Shaken Not Stirred

Pineapple Tonic

We go through a lot of pineapples for our linzer cookies. Naturally, when life gives you pineapples you find all the ways to utilize all its juicy goodness. Here is the recipe for this tropical summer drink that leaves you wanting more. Sparkly, refreshing, and full of natural vitamin C, this is a sunny midafternoon treat!

Tonic Recipe

Oolong Cocktails

Yes, you can (and should) incorporate beautiful teas into your cocktail routine. It'd be a shame not to. We love an oolong & gin pairing. Sip it slowly or add some tonic water for an elegant twist on the classic gin & tonic.

Oolong Gin & Tonic Recipe

Choice of Hot Tea

Summer is not all about iced drinks. Balmy evenings should be enjoyed with hot tea. In fact, iced drinks are a serious misstep in traditional Chinese medicine. Here are two summer tea picks, preferably enjoyed hot, based on the wisdom of preventative Chinese medicine.

Shop Bloom | Summer Solstice

Herbal Infusion

Speaking of balmy evenings, maybe summer is when you want to lower the caffeine buzz for better quality sleep. Here is a crowd favorite. Cooling by nature, these little yellow flowers make a soft and floral infusion that's gently sweet and helps you relax. Drink it hot, let it come to room temp or have it on ice. There is no wrong way to drink this tea.

Wild Chrysanthemum
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