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Almond and Walnut Button Cookie

At Té, we put a lot of effort into every snack we serve. Like tea, the ingredients are sourced intentionally, and the taste should always be delicious. When we thought about introducing another tea snack, we knew that it needed to live up to standards.

We wouldn’t serve anything that we wouldn’t eat ourselves. And they should always be made with ingredients that could live in our grandma’s pantry.

When it comes to cookies, we are known for our Pineapple Linzer. We have been making these sandwich cookies since our tearoom opened in 2015 and they have become a beloved treat. It was even awarded the title “The best cookie in New York” by Saveur Magazine and has inspired many other linzer-esque treats within our community.

The bar is set high - the task of a new tea snack cannot be taken lightly. It should be simple because the world has enough complexities. It needs to have a personality, but calmer than its pineapple counterpart to create contrast. And it needs to go well with our assortment of Taiwanese teas. Most importantly - it needs to be delicious and something you want to keep stock in your pantry.

With all that in mind, meet the newest addition to our snack family: The Button Cookies.

walnut cookie almond cookie

Shop Shortbread

We have been serving the Shortbread Cookie at our West Village location since the Summer of 2020 and it already has a dedicated following. With the holidays upon us, we decided it was time to share it with our friends outside of New York. Just like the Pineapple Linzer, all Shortbread cookies are baked to order.

What’s in the Button Cookies?

  almond cookie walnut cookie

Organic Cane Sugar, Unbleached Flour, French Butter, Sea Salt, Almonds or Walnuts. That’s it.
We hope you enjoy the Button Cookies as much as we do. We believe it is delicious on its own, but feel free to try it with any jam of your choice. Like the Pineapple Linzer, this cookie is truly most satisfying enjoyed with a pot of delicious oolongs. Try it and let us know which tea pairs best with our new favorite snack.
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