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Excellent Formosa Sachets

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Have a friend who loves delicious tea but not sure if they have all the necessary brewing tools? Know someone who is a tea fanatic but is always on the go, and which style of tea was it that they adore, was it green or oolong?

The Excellent Formosa Sachet set is the answer to your tea gifting conundrum. A small sampler of teas varieties ranging from green, oolong to black teas. All sourced from Taiwan and packed generously into sachets at 3 grams per serving. Comes with a beautifully illustrated notecard with flavor profiles for each tea to compare as you taste along. It’s a no brainer tea gift for the pickiest tea fiend and newly minted tea drinkers alike. 

Available for shipping and tearoom pickup starting Wednesday 11/30.

Giftbox Illustration by the talented Elaine Hoang. Get to know her here.


  • 22 sachets (66 grams) in total, each sachet is filled with approximately 3 grams of tea.
  • 4 x Oriental Green Sachets (green tea)
  • 5 x Golden Lily Sachets (green oolong tea)
  • 4 x Oriental Beauty Sachets (oxidized oolong tea)
  • 5 x Frozen Summit Sachets (roasted oolong tea)
  • 4 x Jade Rouge Sachets (black tea)

Our sachets are made with non-GMO corn-based PLA and are biodegradable. 



Oriental Green | Green tea · no oxidation · unroasted

A delicious Taiwanese green tea with a beautiful floral aroma and a sweet finish. The gently grassy infusion is packed with flavor and fills your palate. We find it most suitable for productive mornings alongside a big healthy breakfast.  

Golden Lily | Oolong tea · low oxidation · light roast

Made with milk cultivar (or Jinxuan), this tea is creamy, vegetal, and light bodied. We like it for the start of the day or as an elegant early afternoon tea break with a butter shortbread.

Oriental Beauty | Oolong tea · high oxidation · unroasted

This tea has an aroma of honey nectar and has been a favorite since the 19th century. A great starter oolong for black tea enthusiasts. It is a great tea to wake up to in colder months and a nice compliment to any creamy dessert.

Frozen Summit | Oolong tea · medium oxidation · medium roast

Nutty and toasty, Frozen Summit (or Dong Ding) is especially heart warming in the Fall. Slightly less caffeinated than the others, it is meant to ease the nerves for late afternoon or evening teatime.

Jade Rouge | Black tea · full oxidation · unroasted

A classic Taiwanese black tea that's bold and juicy. This tea variety is known for its natural camphor aroma that brings joy and happiness. We like it during colder months so it can fill our days with brightness and good mood.

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