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High Mountain Tea Set

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Product image 2High Mountain Tea Set

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High elevation grown tea is one of the most adored styles of Taiwanese tea. Elevation above 1,000 meters creates harsher growing conditions and cooler overall temperature, allowing its tea harvest to be hardier and more aromatic compared to its sea level counterparts. 

Across the Taiwan Central Mountain Range, there are a handful of mountain peaks known to produce some of the best oolongs in the world. These high elevation grown teas are typically identified by the mountain name where they were produced.

We have put together three of the most well known ones in a flight for your indulgence. For an intellectual experience, brew all three and drink them side by side. 

The set includes 2 oz box (10 pots) of each tea, packed in a beautiful box with an artist illustration, ready to be gifted to the pickiest of picky.

The Teas

Mount Pyrus, also known as Li Shan (梨山)

Valley of Dragon & Phoenix, also known as Shan Lin Xi (杉林溪)

Mount Ali, also known as Ali Shan (阿里山)


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