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Finest Pineapple Delight

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Two of our most beloved pineapple treats in one box; it's a pineapple party!

The word pineapple shares the same phonetic sound as the word prosperity in Taiwanese Hokkien dialect, making these delicious treats the perfect gift for prosperity and abundance. 

Our traditional Taiwanese Pineapple Cake is a culinary symbol for the island of Taiwan. These golden cubes of pineapple goodness are made with sweet and tart pineapple jam encased in a soft buttery pastry.

The Pineapple Linzer is our interpretation of the traditional Taiwanese pineapple cake. It has been a beloved tearoom staple since we opened our doors in 2015. The cookie is made with two hazelnut shortbreads and filled with pineapple jam with a sprinkle of lime zest and sea salt.

Whether you are a purist looking to satisfy your craving for a classic pineapple cake or an admirer of the modern pineapple treat in linzer form, we think this box is made for you.

Learn more about the history of Taiwanese Pineapple Cakes here.


Coasters, tea cups, and Gaiwan are not included.

Tea Paring

For a complete Taiwanese teatime experience, we recommend pairing these pineapple goodies with the Iconic Taiwanese Tea Set or the Excellent Formosa Sachet.


Pineapple Linzers & Pineapple Cakes will remain fresh at room temperature for 14 days from the packing date, or they can be stored up to three weeks refrigerated or two months in the freezer.

Express shipping is suggested for perishable items. We are not responsible for delays in shipping once the package has been transferred to the carrier.

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