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Mother's Day Tea Gift

A gift for every type of mom

Being a parent is no doubt harder under quarantine, even for the New York Tough. These are wild times in which normal motherly duties seem like nothing compared to the new status quo. With schools closed and tutors under quarantine as everyone tries to work from home, have teachers ever been more appreciated? And for mothers with children out of the house, the mental load of their health and wellness is just as difficult to bear. 

Mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, mother in laws - they all deserve it: whether that's some alone time with a cup of tea or a video teatime with you.

Not all moms are created equal. We get it, So we're recommending teas by personality typeMeyers-Briggs style. You know your mom best, so gift her with the confidence of our favorite personality test.


The imaginative Anything is Possible Mom (ENFP, INFP)

This mom is all about excitement and groundbreaking ideas. She wants you to think outside-the-box, challenge rules, or mix things up with a new, crazy adventure. She’ll jump rope in the house or belt out songs with a hairbrush microphone. Her goal is to unlock imaginative pathways in your mind you never knew existed before. She fosters creativity, wonder, and a sense of awe in her children. No idea is too “silly” for this mom.

Southern Wild: Nothing about this tea is the norm. A wild tea cultivar made by a man with wild ideas. This tea is present, full of vibrancy, like Joan Miró’s Constellation Series.

The visionary Personal Growth Mom (ENFJ, INFJ)

You can spot this mom a mile away and we love her for it. This mom believes there is an inspiring life lesson for every problem in life. She thrives when connecting one-on-one so you can share all your dreams and feelings. Afterward, she’ll give you a warm hug, a cookie, and a life-changing quote to turn your mood around for the better. Emotionally supportive and sensitive, she helps you see the big picture and imagine beyond the bounds of the current situations. She enjoys discussing spirituality, values, culture, and psychology, preferably in the form of complex discussion. This mom sees a lush, vivid picture of what your life could be and guides you towards that vision.

Mt. Pyrus: Like a warm blanket, this buttery floral infusion brings comfort. For Mt. Pyrus, the second steeping is always better than the first and it has an ethereal finish that can outlast any spiritual conversation.

The thought provoking Intellectual Mom (ENTP, INTP)

She embraces rebellion and gets a spark of joy when her children challenge the rules – especially based on logical reasoning. She sees everything as a learning experience. She challenges her children to solve problems independently, think for themselves, and question norms and traditions. This mom protects her children’s independence and curiosity. She welcomes challenges and requests for freedom. She delights in her children’s self-reliance and curiosity. 

Green Sanctuary White: Made from rare purple tea leaves by monks in northern Taipei, no rules are being followed here. White tea production is extremely low intervention since you just dry the leaves, so it stands true to its core.

The nonconforming Power Mom (ENTJ, INTJ)

She is not touchy-feely, but will have your back during a crisis and teach you the art of strategy. This mom is organized, efficient, and insightful. Her influence is obvious when her children win awards for honor roll, mathletes, or chess championships. She isn’t concerned with “fitting in”. Not one to shy away from tough conversations, she believes that the best way to love her children is to listen to them and encourage them to think logically to solve problems. This mother shows her love through action, competence, and a fiery dedication. She can seem stoic and unapproachable, even, to strangers.

Iron Goddess: 'The name speaks for itself: she is New York tough. Firm in the aroma, fierce to the taste, present on the palate. This tea strategically captivates and is delicious on ice.

The creative Enthusiastic Mom (ISFP, ESFP)

This mom is all about connecting with the heart in a physical way. She fosters creativity and empathy in her children and enjoys creating new experiences with them. This is the mom that understands when their child wants to try out new trends in fashion in order to express themselves. She would ditch the chores in favor of a last-minute trip to the roller-skating rink to connect with her kids. This mom is all about spontaneity, adventure, and fun. She encourages her child to try new things, be brave, and trust their hearts.

Royal Courtesan: A product of the tragic 1999 earthquake. Persistence and courage brought a new way of production using unattended tea harvest full of bug bites. Now, a kaleidoscope of aroma makes it a Taiwanese staple. Talk about a creative silver lining.

The eccentric Adventurous Mom (ESTP, ISTP)

Boredom isn’t an option for this type. Thrill-seeking and clever, she wants her children to know what it’s like to be captivated by life, to feel the goosebumps that come from taking a smart risk and going on an adventure that tests their abilities. She lets her kids ride their bikes around the neighborhood without hovering. Fond of independent living and logical thinking, she honors her children’s interests, opinions, and directions. Charming, deeply loyal, and filled with good-humor, this is the mom many other kids look upon with envy! She believes teaching her children autonomy and responsibility is vital in guiding them towards a happy adulthood. 

GABA: No tea is cooler than GABA tea. It’s processed in a vacuum to create a natural source of the neurotransmitter Gamma Aminobutyric Acid in our brain. GABA reduces stimulation and helps us recharge, making room for more life and adventures.

The calming Warm Hearted Mom (ESFJ, ISFJ)

This is the mom who offers you a warm sweater and a delicious snack when you get home from school. She enjoys heart-to-heart discussions and an organized, routined lifestyle. This means picking you up from school on time, getting your dental exam every six months, and painting your room the exact color you love. She is gentle, comforting and has a certain quirky, lovable sense of humor. She enjoys small details that make life enjoyable: fresh-baked apple pies in the autumn, cozy throw blankets and Christmas music in the winter, and keeping all of her children’s favorite foods permanently stocked in the refrigerator. She values stability and consistency 

Frozen Summit: Made by a tea family of seven generations, this tea offers structure and consistency. Gently caffeinated and steadily nutty, this is the basso continuo of a charming lifestyle. 

The Faithful Mom in Charge (ESTJ, ISTJ)

This mom seems to be running every event you attend with grace and confidence. She’s efficient, no-nonsense. She is the mom who taught you how to do your own laundry when you were five. Never late to one of your soccer games, she always had a snack on hand. She could get you out of any fix, no matter how complicated. In her quieter home lives, she is the mom who can’t give enough hugs or say enough, “I love you’s.” The Faithful MiC is happiest when her efforts produce concrete results – children who try their best, participate in their communities, and lead their peers in the right direction. She taught you responsibility, honesty, and caution. She is not verbally demonstrative, but she’d be there for you no matter what.

Crimson Grace: A fabulous black tea is one with grace and readiness. Bold enough to carry the morning but the aroma soft with gentle sweetness. She is an Hermés scarf that delivers results.


*Personality mother types are adapted from Psychology junkie, written by Susan Storm.

**Top image, "Mother Daughter", by Hu Yongkai (胡永凯) Beijing.

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