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Emerald Leaf: Organic GABA

Molasses, cedar wood, roasted carrots

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Oolong tea · medium oxidation · light roast

Molasses, cedar wood, roasted carrots

Gaba tea, or Gabaron, has a high content of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Different from traditional oolong production methods, GABA tea is produced in an anaerobic environment. This results in a conversion of the tea leaves' natural glutamic acid into GABA. GABA can be found in the human brain, where it helps stabilize neuronal activity. As we grow older, natural GABA levels in the brain decrease. Recent studies have shown that increasing GABA intake can help regulate blood pressure, promote quality sleep, relieve anxiety, and improve mood.

Perhaps this is the best GABA we've tasted, not to mention organically grown and produced. The tea makers spent years dialing in their production method and the effort shows. We blind tasted a lineup of ten GABA oolongs from different parts of Taiwan, and this is the staff favorite. The aroma is earthy and fruity with a soft tang. This batch even comes with a gentle scent of sweet cedar wood planks. GABA is known for its calming character which eases anxiety and aids sleep. To this, we say cheers to function and flavor.

This GABA oolong tea is made with entirely organic tea leaves and is certified organic by TOC of Taiwan. 

In support of sustainable tea production and reduce packaging waste, the Emerald Leaf collection will only be available “boxfree”. The 2 oz / 60-gram size was packaged and shipped from origin to avoid repacking. 

Learn more about our Organic Taiwanese Teas or nerd out on what is GABA tea.

Emerald Leaf: Organic GABA | 有機佳葉龍茶

Origin: Pinglin District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Cultivar: Qingxin & Jinxuan
Elevation: 450-700 meters

Brewing Instructions

212 °F / 100 °C
6 grams
237 ml / 8 oz
Brew Time
2 minutes
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