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Making the most of your tea sachets

For most of us, brewing tea using a tea sachet doesn't need much guidance - add your tea bag of choice into a mug, pour in some hot water, and 1-2 minutes later you have yourself a delicious cup of hot tea.

But have you contemplated all the different ways you can utilize your tea bags? Because there are, in fact, more than one way of using a pre-measured bagged tea. We offer four of them here:

1 |

Brewing tea bags the way they were made to be brewed, and the way you would any tea bags - in a mug, steeped in hot water.

Each of our tea sachet is filled with 3 grams of loose leaf tea, we suggest doing at least 2 infusions per tea sachet for an 8 oz mug.

2 |

Cold brewed in bottled water. When you are traveling or on the go, convenience is of essence. Remove the string from the sachet and put the tea bag in any bottled water larger than 16oz.

We suggest at least 2 hours of brewing time at room temperature. The tea hardly over-steep in cold water so the tea bags can stay in the bottle as you drink your delicious cold brewed tea!

3 |

Batch brewing with limited resources. No scale, no time, but hosting a summer BBQ? Don't fret. Remove the strings on the sachets and put 3 of them in a large carafe. Fill with good water and either brew in room temperature for at least 2 hours or refrigerate overnight. You can also brew in hot water like you would in a mug. The bags are pre-measured so it's easy to manage brewing ratio in a time crunch.

We suggest 3 sachets for 1 liter of water. 

4 |

Take advantage of the fact that these sachets are pre-measured at 3 grams each.

That means you need 2 sachet worth of tea for our classic tea pot or any brewing vessel that's about 9-10 ounces and you can make 3 steepings.

Just because they are packed in a sachet doesn't mean you have to brewed the tea in one. Feel free to release the teas from their sachet and brew in loose leaf form to get more out of the leaves! 


Our suggestions are mainly about brewing delicious teas using the sachets. What's not mentioned here are ways to use your spent teabags. Add them to your bath to take advantage of tea's natural antibacterial and antioxidant properties for the skin. The sachets are sturdy so you can use the spent tea bags as a sponge to clean your kitchen sink to reduce cooking odor. The possibilities are endless so email us if you have other good suggestions!

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