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A Tea Lover's Gift Guide

Choosing Loose Leaf Teas for Gifts

For the free spirit who loves white lily flower and a light bodied tea

  • Mount Pyrus: An elegant, aromatic high-altitude oolong with notes of sugar snap peas and a long finish. This is a great choice for those who like lighter oolongs or white teas.
  • Baozhong: For the person who loves everything floral.
  • Chrysanthemum (caffeine free!): Like chamomile, this herbal tea is delicate and relaxing with a gentle, floral sweetness. Since it’s completely caffeine-free, we like this tea for those who drink tea before bed.

For the stern and firm one who has a sense of humor and a sweet tooth

  • Royal Courtesan: This is a severely underrated oolong! Subtle and medium-bodied with notes of rose, muscat grape, and artichoke, think of this tea as a more restrained version of the extremely popular Oriental Beauty.
  • Ruby Brew: Can’t decide between sweet and toasty? Neither can we, and that’s when we turn to Ruby Brew. A sip of this tea begins with the caramel-sweetness of stroopwaffle, with the notes of chestnut developing into the roasty flavor we love for winter. A great choice for your indecisive friends, or someone who just loves roasted teas.

For the deep thinker who reads (exclusively) non-fiction

  • Frozen Summit Grand: For those who have tried everything, this is a competition-grade oolong that demands appreciation. This medium-roasted oolong has notes of hazelnut and camphor, a cedar wood aroma with a chewy mouthfeel.
  • Crimson Grace: With notes of grapefruit rind, burnt sugar, and evergreen, this lovely black tea is among our favorites of all time. We recommend this for those who love a black tea to curl up on the sofa with. 

For the adventurous kind always looking for surprises in life

  • Green Sanctuary: White: This is not your average white tea. Made from a violet tea leaf, this white tea has a darker color than you might expect, as well as surprising notes of black pepper and sea grass. We recommend it to those who are looking for something unique and eccentric.
  • Green Sanctuary: GABA: For the experimenter or wellness fanatic. GABA stands for gamma-aminobutyric acid, which is meant to be relaxing for the mind and your blood pressure. We love this mushroomy, nearly brothy, oolong.

If you’re not looking for Taiwanese teas…

Don’t worry! We have a few suggestions. For Japanese teas, take a look at Kettl’s selection. We love the San Francisco-based Song Tea & Ceramics for Chinese teas, and In Pursuit of Tea for their variety!


Choosing Tea Brewing Gifts

  • Terracotta or Mahogany Teapot: We love these pots for the regular tea drinker who still wants it to be a little special!
  • Porcelain Gaiwan: Slightly smaller than the teapots and easy to clean, this gaiwan is the perfect all-day-every-day brewing method.
  • Glass Kinto: For the person who drinks everything from oolong to sencha to chai. 
  • Hario Cold Brew: Do you have the cold brew all-year-round friend? So do we, and we love this Hario Cold Brew bottle to get them through the cold months to the peak cold brew season of summer.

Choosing Tea Drinking Gifts

  • Porcelain pitcher & teacups: A clean and classic serving set to upgrade a friend’s tea ritual.
  • Kyoyaki teacup: We love this elegant teacup from our friends at Kettl.
  • Pair of light-blue teacups: These handmade teacups are so fun, and sold in pairs! 
  • Bright & fun stoneware tea mug: Business on the outside, party on the inside. These would be a great gift for the non-traditionalist in the bunch!
  • Warm grey stoneware tea mug: So you like the teacup but want to be able to see the color of the tea. Luckily, there’s another iteration of that mug in refined grey and white hues.
  • Hakudo x Hasami limited edition candle: I know what you’re thinking: you can’t drink a candle. Well bear with me: this exquisite candle is hand-poured into limited edition porcelain. Once the wax melts away, you’re left with a beautiful yunomi cup with a matching lid. 

Choosing Favorite Tea Snack Gifts

You can’t have tea without snacks! Here are some of our favorites. 

  • Pineapple Linzers: How could we not include the linzers? We love them, and so will your friends. 
  • Bateel dates: We love a dried fruit to pair with tea, and dates are the fruit of the moment. Eating dates always feels a little luxurious, and Bateel are among the best. We favor the Ajwa variety.
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