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Flavor Profile

Sour plums, juicy fruit, cranberries

Herbal Tea

Made from hand-harvested whole hibiscus flowers, this tea’s bright, happy appearance conceals its backbone at first blush.

With another sip, notice a sharp counterpoint balancing the tea. Sweet and tangy, we taste juicy fruit and sour plums in this magenta-hued tea. This infusion is a millennial at heart.

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Tea Profile

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Flavor Profile: Sour plums, juicy fruit, cranberries
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied, refreshing, sweet finish

The Cultivar

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Hibiscus sabdariffa

Brewing Instructions

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These instructions are for reference only, a starting point for brewing this tea. Trust your palate and feel free to experiment.

Quantity of Tea: 2 grams
Quantity of Water: 237 ml / 8 oz
Water Temperature: 205°F / 96°C
Steep Time: ~ 1 - 2 minutes
For more information on how to brew tea check out our brewing guides

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