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Vintage Yixing | Dumbo

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Kind and fun-loving, he is at his best when surrounded by loved ones. Dumbo, a Yixing teapot whose name is inspired by its elongated spout and expansive handle. He was originally part of the antique Yixing wares that belonged to our tea maker’s generational teapot collections.

Crafted from Yixing red clay, this teapot's rough surface and sturdy build make it a standout piece for daily use. With each steep, "Dumbo" retains a bit of the previous brews, subtly enhancing the depth and profile of your tea. This teapot isn't just for brewing; it's for creating a story, one pour at a time, where the narrative gets richer with every chapter.


  • Dimensions: L 4.75" x W 3.25" x H 2.5"
  • Volume: 110 ml / 3.9 oz
  • Made in Yixing, China


Common Questions

What type of tea is best to brew in a clay teapot?

Clay teapots are great for holding temperature and therefore are best suited for brewing roasted teas or vintage teas to better bring out the depth of flavor (versus glass or porcelain teapots). The clay is porous and the aromatic oils of the teas it brews. As such, we don’t recommend brewing scented or blended teas to avoid flavor transfer.

How do I clean my clay teapot?

Never use soap! Remove the brewed tea leaves (chopsticks help) and rinse with hot water until all the small tea leaves are rinsed out. Don’t forget to rinse the lid. Use your hand for tea stains, we don't think there is a real need for a scrub. Once it's cleaned, open the lid to air dry. Do not replace the lid until the teapot is completely dry.


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