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Baozhong '90 Vintage

Product image 1Baozhong '90 Vintage
Product image 2Baozhong '90 Vintage
Product image 3Baozhong '90 Vintage

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Flavor Profile

Damp cedar wood, mushroom, menthol

Oolong tea · low oxidation

"This Baozhong was made in the year 1990, or was it 89 or 91. It was around year 1990." said Mr. Chang. He has been producing Baozhong for decades and the batch year can seem hazy. A lover of whiskey and karaoke, Mr. Chang is easy going, honest, and always in a good mood - he is one of our favorites. 

This vintage lot was discovered during a virtual telesourcing call for his current year Baozhong, a lightly oxidized oolong that's floral and grassy. In conversations, he mentioned a stash of tea he made 30 years ago, "it tastes like ginseng, he said". 

Baozhong was one of the most popular teas in the early days of Taiwanese tea production and export. Its name came from how the tea was packaged before foil bags were available - wrapped in paper, by hand. It was the "wrapped variety (kind)". A historical tea means more aged versions can be found if you take the time, or if you get lucky.

Aging a lighter oxidized and unroasted oolong yields a higher degree of flavor variation, compared to aging a black tea or a roasted tea. The signature white lily flower aroma transformed into damped earthy cedar wood. Pale eggshell colored infusion turned into a dark amber hue. Drunk cold, there is an herbaceous sweetness that embraces the palate. 30-year-old tea has less vibrancy and caffeine as the stimulant mellowed out overtime. It is the choicest pick for an evening tea in any season.


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Tea Profile

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Chinese Name: 文山包種老茶
Alternative Name: Pouchong
Origin: Pinglin District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Cultivar: Qingxin
Elevation: 500 meters
Oxidation: 0~10%
Roast: Light
Flavor Profile: Damp cedar wood, mushroom, menthol
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied, present, mellow

The Cultivar

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Brewing Instructions

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These instructions are for reference only, a starting point for brewing this tea. Trust your palate and feel free to experiment.

Quantity of Tea: 6 grams
Quantity of Water: 237 ml / 8 oz
Water Temperature: 195°F / 91°C
Steep Time: ~ 1 - 2 minutes
For more information on how to brew tea check out our brewing guides

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