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Virtual Tea Tastings: Sunday Sipping


Have a fondness for tea? Join us on a virtual journey through the subject of our passion. Let us help you create a richer experience towards your own tea practice with brewing tips and tea knowledge.

Starting in 2021, we will be offering monthly virtual tastings that's open to everyone to sign up.



Sunday Sipping


1pm EST

Topics: Tea & Chinese Medicine

For this month's virtual session, we will discuss the health benefits of tea through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Finding a balance between the body’s needs and the different qualities of food and beverage is key to optimal health in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Spring is a great time to realign our body with nature. Join our discussion and learn how to incorporate the health benefits of tea into your daily ritual.

Teas covered in this tasting are: Canyon Green, Green Sanctuary GABA, Ruby Brew, Stonegate Breakfast, Wild Chrysanthemum


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Virtual Tasting FAQ

Tasting Duration & Time

The monthly virtual session will be offered on Sundays, therefore the name Sunday Sipping, and last for approximately one hour. Tickets are released 2 weeks prior to the virtual session via our newsletter (sign up here).

Who Leads the Tasting

The sessions are conducted via Zoom and led by Elena, who sources all the teas at Té. Each session will focus on one or two subjects about either tea variety, production methods or brewing techniques. The Zoom link will be emailed in the confirmation page once the tickets are purchased.

How much is it to sign up?

Tickets are sold via Tock at $15 / ticket. By participating, you would also receive 15% off on the teas covered in the tasting. Discount code will also be included in the confirmation page once the tickets are purchased. Tea purchase is not required to participate in the tasting.


Past Virtual Sessions


Topics: General Brewing Techniques & Roasted Teas

For our first virtual session, we will showcase a few different brewing methods to start off the year. We will also explore the subject of roasted tea by tasting through three different teas to showcase how tea roasting affects flavor and aroma. 

The three teas covered in this tasting are: #2028, Frozen Summit, Formosa Assam.



Topics: What are Iconic Taiwanese Teas

In this month’s virtual tasting, we’re taking a closer look at iconic Taiwanese teas. What makes a tea famous for a tea region? Why are certain styles of tea virtually unknown outside of the island of Taiwan? Come to the tasting on Sunday, February 28th to find out.

The teas covered in this tasting are: BaozhongGraceful Hill, Iron Goddess, Green Sanctuary Roast, Blossom Dearie



Topics: Vintage Teas

For our virtual session in March, we will discuss vintage teas. Elena will walk us through three of our teas in new and vintage versions: Baozhong, Oriental Beauty, and Frozen Summit. We will taste them side by side to experience how aging changes the aroma character. We have three sets of young and old, made by the same producer but decades apart for comparison.

Feel free to get just one set or all three: 

Set 1 - Baozhong Expert's Pick & Baozhong '90 Vintage

Set 2 - Oriental Beauty & Oriental Beauty '90 Vintage

Set 3 - Frozen Summit & Frozen Summit '11 Vintage

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