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Té Guide to Tokyo

Photo: Shinjuku, The Gate above Kabukicho
Places to Eat and Drink
Coffee/ Bar at Night with nice atmosphere, good place to kill time or have a conversation
Specialty Rum Bar that stays open very late. Amazing selection of music, all records are played off vinyl.
Watering Hole:
Our Favorite Craft Beer bar in Tokyo. The food is pretty great and the staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable.
Deus ex Machina:
A staple of the Harajuku neigborhood and cross roads for a few popular places. Great place to grab lunch and go shopping afterward.
Staple Ramen Shop in the Ebisu District of Shibuya. A favorite all around. Don't forget to have an order of rice after your bowl to soak up the last bits of broth!
Freeman's Sporting Club:
The Tokyo brother of the alley bar in the East Village. This bar sells clothes, has fine barbers, and makes a great a cocktail. No food though, so after dinner drinks is a good time to head here.
Koffee Mameya:
Formerly Omotesando Koffee, Same Quality, Different Design.
Jazz, Blues, and Soul. No Frills music bar. Simple is Best.


Photo: The Streets of Kichijoji
For the Tea Lovers
A small tea shop in Tokyo, tucked away not too far from Shimo-Kitazawa station. All of the tea is excellent-- and his selection of wagashi ( Japanese tea pastries) is divine.
This Japanese Tea shop is serious business. His offerings, and fresh takes on traditional Japanese Tea service is worth the visit for the perspective. I’d go for the Gyokuro if nothing else.
Japanese staple, since 1717,  serving a quality product in a beautiful space.
Places to Visit and Sight-see
Inokashira Park:
One of the most beautiful and quiet parks in Tokyo. Surrounded by small boutiques and shops!
Harmonica Yokocho:
A post war market teeming with great bars and restaurants. The places here are really packed together and provide a great atmosphere for any evening.
A famous late night district in Tokyo. If you can get tickets, the Robot Restaurant is a must go.
Home to a number of Record shops, vintage stores, and Music houses, “Shimo-kita” is a hub of young activity.
A town about 40 minutes south of Tokyo. Easy Train ride to see some of the most amazing temples in the country. Not to mention a large collection of great contemporary art galleries.


This is not the most popular place outside of Tokyo. A small suburb city to the west, where most tourists travel out to see the famous Jindaiji temple. Which in my opinion has one of the most lovely botanical gardens to boast about as well.
One of the best Shochu, Sake bars we've even been to. Hands down.




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