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Brew Tea in French Press

How to brew tea in a french press?

french press tea

What you'll need

  • Tea
  • French Press (8 oz of water)
  • Scale
  • A pitcher and teacups for sharing OR a large mug to enjoy solo

Brew time

1 - 2 minutes (depending on the tea and personal taste). You can re-steep the tea leaves for at least 2-3 more times, so don't discard the leaves right after the first infusion.

Brew Tea in French Press

There is nothing better than a homemade cup of tea. 

In this guide we are brewing our Jade Rouge Black tea, which has a twisted leaf shape. Twisted leaf tea (Jade Rouge) steeps faster than rolled leaf tea (Frozen Summit) so the brewing time should be closer to 1 minute instead of 2. With the ratio we provided (6 grams of tea and 8 oz of water), we suggest 3 steepings using the same tea leaves, though feel free adjust pending on your taste. We recommend completing all your steepings within the day. Our suggested steeping time can vary by tea, though don't be shy to experiment. Try and see what works for your palate.


Step 1 

Weigh out 6 grams of tea.

loose leaf tea


Step 2

Remove the lid and use hot water (195, 200 or 212 degree F) to rinse your french press. This is the same temperature you will use to brew the tea. Heating the french press to your intended brewing temperature will allow more precise brewing temperature. Please refer to individual tea pages for suggested brewing temperature by tea.

remove filter warm vessel


Step 3

Pour out the water. Add the loose leaf tea to your french press.

 add leaves


Step 4

Add water to your tea. Generically, the water should be lower (~195 degrees F) for twisted tea leaves and higher (~212 degrees F) for tightly rolled tea leaves. Please refer to individual tea pages for suggested brewing temperature by tea.

add hot water to loose leaf tea


Step 5

Add the lid back to the french press. Don't plunge all the way down.

cover dont plunge


Step 6

We want to use the french press as a strainer. Not plunging all the way will ensure the tea leaves have a lot of room to expand, therefor releasing the maximum amount of flavor.

leave room for tea to expand


Step 7

When the steeping time is up, pick up the french press and pour the tea into a cup or a mug. Make sure all the liquid is drained from the french press. That way the tea doesn't over brew and become bitter when you go back for subsequent steepings.

 pour out tea


Step 8

Pour your tea into your cups and enjoy!

french press tea


Step 9

Re-Steep the tea as many times as you fancy. We recommend three in total for this tea to water ratio. To re-steep simply add more water. The second steep's suggested brewing time is the same as the first and the third should be 1-2 minutes longer.

*Quick notes on using a french press to brew tea: If you also use it for making coffee, be sure to clean it very well (especially the filter) otherwise your tea may taste like coffee. You could also just use the glass base of a French Press and use a separate strainer (a fork would do if you don't have a strainer) to strain the leaves.



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