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Hario Cold Brew Tea Bottle

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Summer days call for iced tea! The Hario Cold Brew Tea Bottle allows you to brew loose leaf teas with ease and style. Simply add the tea leaves, fill the bottle with cold water, then refrigerate overnight. Wait 12-24 hours depending on the tea, and you'll have a delicious cold brew ready to serve from the bottle! With the built-in filter, all you need to do is remove the cap and pour. Great for summer cookouts and picnics.


Materials: Glass, Silicone Rubber, Polypropylene, Polyester
Volume: 750ml
Care: Dishwasher safe. Not suitable for microwave or oven use.

Made in Japan

Common Questions

How do I make cold brew at home?

Making delicious cold brew is far simpler than it may seem. Recipes aside, there are a few rules to follow. Use filtered water – it will taste better. Don't boil your water as it will change the flavor and aroma of the cold brew tea. Ice will affect the flavor. If you decide to use ice make sure it's not been sitting in the freezer for months as it will muddle the taste. Check our guide on how to make cold brew tea with the Hario cold brew bottle.

Which teas are best suited for cold brew?

We recommend more strongly flavored teas. Iron Goddess, Oriental Beauty and Jade Rouge are excellent choices. For a lighter brew, consider our Baozhong. Consider that roasted teas give a toasted and gentle caramel flavor to the brew and with lighter teas you will get grassier notes. Feel free to experiment with all different kinds of tea.

Does cold brew tea go bad?

Nothing is good forever. With the infusion being made in the refrigerator you have a few extra days to enjoy your cold brew but consider drinking it within 3-4 days. Always store it in the fridge.

Why cold brew tea?

Cold brewing loose-leaf tea results in a sweeter and less caffeinated infusion. It's hard to over brew and you don't need access to hot water.

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