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Iron Goddess Archetype

Toasted brioche, cacao, dried pineapple

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Oolong tea · medium oxidation · dark roast

Toasted brioche, cacao, dried pineapple

Tieguanyin cultivar was introduced to Taiwan from Fujian during the era of Japanese occupation. Tea makers who migrated to the island believed the terroir between the two towns, Anxi and Muzha, to be similar therefore delicious crop can be produced in Taiwan.

Instead of replicating a lightly oxidized oolong with delicate floral and grass notes they know from home, a few tea markers started experimenting with higher oxidation and repeated roasting to change the character of the flavor. The results is a seductively tangy and delicious roasted oolong that's full of caramelized fruit. Over a few decades, the roasted Tieguanyin became the archetypal Iron Goddess oolong of Taiwan.

This version is from one of our favorite Iron Goddess producers. They sell strictly based on connection. There is no store front and almost impossible to locate even if you are standing within a few short blocks away. There are only a handful of families left in Muzha making the original Iron Goddess. Undoubtedly, they all know one another and share the same last name.

We suggest brewing this classic version in a clay pot with boiling water to deepen the aroma. The taste is present in all its characters: toasty, fruity, tangy, and unmistakably sassy.

Learn more about Tie Guan Yin or check out our Tea Brewing Guides.

Iron Goddess Archetype | 正欉鐵觀音

Origin: Muzha District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Cultivar: Tieguanyin
Elevation: 350 meters

Brewing Instructions

212°F / 100°C
6 grams
237 ml / 8 oz
Brew Time
2 minutes
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