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8th Anniversary Golden Ticket 2023

Té turns 8 this year and in keeping with last few year's anniversary, we’re continuing the Golden Ticket event inspired by Willy Wonka to celebrate our birthday with you.

How it works

We will be placing two golden tickets in two different online orders placed between Saturday October 21st and Monday October 23rd, selected at random. Anyone who ends up with the lucky ticket–there are only two–is in for a surprise. One winner will receive six month of pineapple linzers and the other will receive six month of tea, so start praying to the Golden Ticket Gods now!

To make sure there are absolutely no obstacle between you and your chance of winning, we are offering free ground shipping (for any order value) with the promo code "HAPPY8" between Saturday 10/21 and Monday 10/23. That way you can order as many times as you want to increase your chances. 

For NYC residents who prefer to visit our tearoom to pickup your order, simply place an order online for pickup in person. All pickup orders will also be eligible to enter the Golden Ticket drawing.

More about the actual "Golden ticket"

Towel 1

To make our birthday celebration extra special (eight is a magical number in Chinese culture signifying prosperity) we've commissioned a special tea towel to commemorate our 8th anniversary.

Made in, not Taiwan, but the textile capital of Portugal, this tea towel is made with 100% linen and hand embroidered by Emilia from Porto. For the tea subscription winner, the winner will receive a tea towel with a special teapot embroidery. For the cookie subscription winner, of course, the winner will receive one with an adorable pineapple embroidery. For a closer look at the behind the scenes for the tea towels, read along here.

What's in the ticket

There are two tickets:

- One ticket redeems six months of Pineapple Linzers, two boxes of 6 linzers delivered monthly.
- One ticket redeems six months of Loose Leaf Taiwanese Tea, 1 box of 2 oz tea delivered monthly.

The "ticket" this year is the custom, one of a kind tea towels. If you receive the Anniversary Tea Towels with a teapot embroidery, you have won the tea subscription; if you receive the Anniversary Tea Towel with a pineapple embroidery, you have won the linzer subscription.

For the chosen ones, we will also contact you via the email address you used for the order to confirm your win.

Happy Birthday to us and good luck to you!

hand cleaning spill tea towel
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