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Taiwanese Mooncake

Product image 1Taiwanese Mooncake
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This style of mooncake is our absolute favorite from all the lunar inspired pastries. Filled with sweetened mung bean paste that's not too sweet, the creamy filling is encased in a soft flaky outer dough.

Like all of our pastries, we make these to order. Making the filling is a seven-step process from rinsing and soaking the mung beans to boiling and sifting. The dough is hand layered like a croissant and each mooncake is wrapped one at a time. Its overtly simplified look understates the effort of its making until you take a bite.

Most delightful paired with our high elevation oolong, Mount Pyrus or Mount Qilai, we adore this pastry for its simplicity and deliciousness.

More about Mooncakes

We think mooncake has one the best names in the world of pastry. Named after the Earth's only natural satellite, it is the epitome of lunar inspired mythologies and art in Eastern civilizations. Typically round and filled with sweet fillings, it's mostly consumed as a celebratory treat during the Mid-Autumn Festival, a major holiday second to the Lunar New Year.

Mooncakes come in various styles depending on its origin. The most common style in your local Chinese bakery, chewy crust and dense filling of lotus or red bean paste, is actually Cantonese.

Taiwanese style mooncakes have a pale, flaky crust and are perfectly spherical in shape. Instead of the imprinted pattern on top, it has a red stamp typically in celebratory Chinese character. Mung bean paste, taro paste, and spiced braised pork are particularly popular fillings in Taiwan. We showcase the simplicity of mung bean paste in this iteration.

We invite you to give it a try!

Read more about the inspiration behind making our mooncakes.

Each package includes

  • 6 Taiwanese Mooncakes
  • Each mooncake is approximately 2.25" in diameter x 1.5" in height
  • Mooncakes are sealed in individual cellophane bags
  • (Mooncakes & Tea) 2 oz Mount Pyrus Oolong Tea (60 grams / 10 pots)


Unbleached flour, French style butter, powdered sugar, mung beans, sesame oil, organic cane sugar, sea salt.

Produced in a facility that processes wheat, milk, egg, soy, tree nuts, & peanuts.

Storage & Shipping

Mooncakes will remain fresh at room temperature for 10 days from packing date, or they can be stored up to 3 weeks refrigerated or 2 months in the freezer. We recommend refrigerating them upon receipt.

We don't add any preservatives to our product therefore recommend expedited shipping (3-day or less transit time) for this item.

Please note: we are not responsible for shipping delays once the package has been transferred to the carrier.

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