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Classic Taiwanese Oolong Set

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The most popular tea gift for Taiwanese oolong lovers!

The set contains the three favorite oolongs among the iconic Taiwanese tea styles, as voted by our tearoom guests. It includes 2 oz boxes (~10 pots) of each type of tea to gift to your (very very) lucky friend, or yourself, because you deserve it too.



Frozen Summit | Oolong tea · medium oxidation · medium roast

An archetypal oolong of Taiwan since the late 1800s, Frozen Summit is a charcoal roasted tea from a family who has been perfecting the art of roasting for over seven generations.

Mount Pyrus | Oolong tea · low oxidation · unroasted

Mount Pyrus, or Li Shan, is a mountain in Taiwan known to produce juicy pears. Teas produced on Mount Pyrus drink like an early morning walk through a misty mountain vista dotted by fruit orchards. Its aroma is bright and fragrant like its namesake pears.

Oriental Beauty | Oolong tea · high oxidation · unroasted

This tea, named by the English Queen in the early 20th century, has been a charming favorite since then. Amber honey and red roses are the signature aroma here, brought to you by the tea plant's own immune reaction to the aphid-like bug, Jacobiasca formosana.

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