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Bloom | Summer Solstice

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Select

Preventative Chinese Medicine sets its foundation on achieving harmony between the body and its environments, particularly in relations to the four seasons.

Like plants and animals, our body changes its constitution in response to changes in temperature and exposure to sunlight. In spring and summer, we flourish and seek physical activities outdoors. This is a great opportunity to cultivate our Yang energy that supports regeneration and growth. In autumn and winter, our bodies retreat to conserve energy as the temperature cools. This is the ideal occasion to nourish our Yin energy, helping us contract and slow down. 

By choosing your daily tea based on how it affects our bodies, we can more effectively nurture our Yin and Yang energy to adapt to the changing seasons and enhance general wellbeing.

Summer Tea Selection

Summer is characterized by sweltering temperatures and frequent rain showers. Under the blazing sun and elevated humidity, our bodies experience frequent perspiration. Summer corresponds to an active governing heart to better regulate our heightened blood flow and circulation. This is when our yang energy reaches its peak. 

To balance our bodies, we look for teas that can cool down our system while nourishing the heart and mind. Green tea is cooling in nature and can effectively refresh the body from excess heat and mood irritation. Shiso, a close cousin of the mint family, can help us metabolize dampness and expel toxins built up from long days in air-conditioned environments. Shiso also aids the stomach, easing nausea associated with heat stroke or a loss of appetite. 

The above tea selection is based on a neutral body type. For details on your specific body type, please consult with Traditional Chinese Medicine professionals. Our recommendation was prepared with guidance from a New York State licensed acupuncturist with background in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

Beautiful illustration brought to you by the very talented Yi-Chin Chen, a fellow Taiwanese illustrator.

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Bloom | Summer Equinox Selection

  • Canyon Green (30 grams)
  • Mountain Range Shiso (40 grams)
  • A notecard detailing summer tea selection based on preventative Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Total 14 servings, 3 infusions per serving 

Canyon Green | Green tea · no oxidation · unroasted

This Taiwanese green tea is also known as Biluochun. The tea leaves are picked young, conforming to high quality standard of two leaves and a bud. The eggshell-colored infusion is gently grassy and sweet with aromas of wildflowers and steamed mung beans.

Mountain Range Shiso | Oolong tea & organic shiso blend · low oxidation · unroasted

Shiso, or Perilla, is an herb often found in Japanese cuisine. It is that green leaf you often see on your sushi platter. The spark of shiso’s intense, almost licorice flavor gives great contrasts to the buttery green oolong. Taste bursts of cinnamon and fennel, with an ocean of vegetal airiness. We love it for summer days. 

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