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Tea Online Consultation

The world of tea can be daunting for newcomers. What flavor, is there caffeine, how to brew??! There is an ocean of information on the internet but it can be unstructured and occasionally contradictory. 

Don't fret, we are here to help.

Book a private 15 minute time slot with us and let us walk you through any Té related subjects you'd like to explore. Below are a few examples but not limited to what we can discuss on our call:

  • Tea selection
  • Guidance on brew methods
  • Online ordering process
  • Tea Subscription or Monthly Gift Subscription 
  • Pineapple Linzers

Our goal is to make sure we help you find the most delicious tea experience. It's almost always easier to talk to a real person instead of reading each tea description on your screen. 

Simply find a time slot below that works for you and we can go from there. 

The team at Té looks forward to speaking with you!

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