Clay Tea Pot

What you'll need


Terracotta Tea Pot or Mahogany Tea Pot (~8 oz of water)


A pitcher and teacups for sharing OR a large mug to enjoy solo

Brew Time

1 - 2 minutes (depending on the tea and personal taste)


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There is nothing better than a homemade cup of tea. Depending on the type of leaf used, our suggested the steeping time can vary. Though, don't be shy to experiment. Try and see what works for your palate. In this guide we are using Oriental Beauty Oolong, which has a twisted leaf shape. Twisted leaf tea (Oriental Beauty or Jade Rouge) steeps faster than rolled leaf tea (Frozen Summit) so the brewing time should be shortened. With the ratio we provided (6 grams of tea and 8oz of water), we suggest 3 steepings using the same tea leaves, though feel free adjust pending on your taste. We recommend completing all your steepings within the day.


Step 1 

Weight 6 grams of tea.


Step 2

Use hot water (195 degree F) to rinse your teapot. This is the same temperature you will use to brew the tea. The rinsing will heat up your teapot to your intended brewing temperature and therefore create more precision when you are actually steeping the tea.



Step 3

Pour out the water. Add the loose leaf tea to your tea pot.


Step 4

Add water to your tea. The water should be about 195 degrees F.


Step 5

Make sure the tea leaves are wet evenly, gently swirl your tea pot if necessary.


Step 6

Let it sit for 1 - 1:30. For rolled leaf tea we prefer longer steeping time (e.g. 2 minutes)


Step 7

After 1 - 1:30 minutes, pour the tea into a pitcher or a mug. Make sure all the liquid is drained from the teapot. That way the tea doesn't over brew and become bitter when you go back for subsequent steepings.


Step 8

Pour your tea and enjoy!


Step 9

Re-Steep the tea as many times as you fancy. We recommend three in total for this tea to water ratio. To re-steep simply add more water. The second steep's suggested brewing time is the same as the first and the third should be 1-2 minute longer.