Brewing Technique



1  Tablespoon for ball-shaped teas (about 5-6 grams)
1.5  Tablespoons for twisted shaped teas (about 5-6 grams)
8  oz  (1 cup) of boiled spring water at 90 degrees Celsius or 195 degrees Fahrenheit
1  Minute brewing time
Add 30 seconds - 1 minute to every subsequent brew


 See blow charts for brewing suggestion by teaware:
The suggested brewing instruction is for guidance only, please adjust to your own personal preference. 
Tea Filters
If using fillable tea filters, allow plenty of room for tea leaves to unwind for superior infusions. We recommend medium sized unbleached and biodegradable filters. Click here.
Filtered or natural spring water is ideal for tea brewing. More delicious water equates to more delicious tea.
Premium quality full leaf teas are wonderful as is with balance tasting profile. Adding sugar and milk is not necessary. Though, feel free to experiment based on your personal preference.