About Us

Té Company is a New York City based tea company and a destination for Taiwanese Teas. Our tearoom is located in the heart of the West Village since 2015 Té Company was the brainchild of Elena Liao and Frederico Ribeiro. They are a working couple living in NYC. Elena sources and curates the tea list from her hometown while Frederico creates Taiwanese inspired tea snacks served in the tearoom. Elena is a retail industry veteran and Frederico came from fine dining kitchens of New York and Europe.


On an island that makes up only about .4% of the world’s tea production, most is consumed domestically. Finding quality Taiwanese teas can be a difficult and sometimes confusing effort as production spreads amongst thousands of farmers. Celebrated teas from Taiwan are products of the earth as well as its history. Taiwan’s first tea makers came from China’s Fujian province, today still famous for their Oolong Teas. Over time, both regions’ tea making methods evolved under two very different historical paths, and therefore their teas. Today, preference for Oolong teas in both production and consumption is still above other styles among local Taiwanese. By establishing personal connections with farmers and families in Taiwan, Té Company seeks to bring their stories and teas alive, giving character and a face to the tea beyond what sits in our cups. We offer lesser known styles alongside tested classics to showcase small town heritage. We honor the mastery practiced by the tea makers we work with. In our tearoom, we hone our tea knowledge and brewing techniques to pay comparable respect and appreciations for their work. Tea drinking is a communal activity since ancient times in China. Tea has been shared over exchange of ideas, served as the backdrop for human connection, and inspired the creation of countless paintings and poetry. By building a welcoming and approachable atmosphere to tea drinking, we hope to create an environment that honor this ancient tradition. Our hospitality comes from a genuine desire to share and educate. Learning about tea provides the groundwork for appreciations. We hope the heritage of our teas speak for themselves and inspire a passion. Through our West Village Tearoom and via our online retail store available in the comfort of your home, we strive for everyone to find our teas delicious and inspiring.