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American Made | Roasted Peelcorn Oats

Product image 1American Made | Roasted Peelcorn Oats
Product image 2American Made | Roasted Peelcorn Oats
Product image 3American Made | Roasted Peelcorn Oats

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Flavor Profile

Toasted nuts, caramel, popcorn

Herbal Tea

Ingredients: Roasted Peelcorn Oats (heirloom organic grains)

Roasted-grain-based infusion is common across many East Asian countries. Roasted barley, buckwheat (soba), or corn are often made into household tea in Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan. Occasionally they replace drinking water.

We adopt the same sourcing rigor for Taiwanese oolong in American grains. Anson Mills, a grower of organic heirloom grains, answered our calling. We test-roasted a handful of their ancient grains and decided unanimously on the peelcorn oats for it's clean tasting yet deep nuttiness. Sustainably grown in South Carolina, these oats are cultivated without harsh chemicals or growing aids.

The oat groats are roasted deeply for a delicious infusion: this tea can be made hot or cold for a heart warming brew that's gently sweet. Brew like you would a tea for a few infusions, then cook the steeped grains for meal - the toasty flavor adds a collection of warm spices to your dish. No grains should be left behind here.


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Tea Profile

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Flavor Profile: Toasted nuts, caramel, popcorn
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied, chewy, silky

Brewing Instructions

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These instructions are for reference only, a starting point for brewing this tea. Trust your palate and feel free to experiment.

Quantity of Tea: 6 grams
Quantity of Water: 237 ml / 8 oz
Water Temperature: 212°F / 100°C
Steep Time: ~ 1 - 2 minutes
For more information on how to brew tea check out our brewing guides

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