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Oriental Beauty Trio

Product image 1Oriental Beauty Trio
Product image 2Oriental Beauty Trio
Product image 3high grade oriental beauty oolong
Product image 4aged oriental beauty oolong from taiwan

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Fan of Oriental Beauty Oolong? This is a trio made for you.

Tastings are not just for the experts out there, and this is especially so for tea. Try tasting these three iterations of our most beloved tea side by side. Experience the different level of bug bites in addition to a vintage version, you can’t go wrong.

Oriental Beauty Trio

Oriental Beauty

A tea named by the English Queen in the early 20th century has been a charming favorite since then. Amber honey and red roses are the signature aroma here, brought to you by the tea plant's own immune system to the aphid-like bug, Jacobiasca formosana.

Oriental Beauty Grand

The highest grade of Oriental Beauty we offer is of limited quantity. It's only when nature cooperates in early Summer, there is an abundance of crickets when the tea plant is at its healthiest and fullest. Higher amounts of bites mean more intense honey sweetness in the final infusion, bringing more depth and character.

Oriental Beauty '90 Vintage

This vintage was made by the same producer as the other two versions, though in the 90's. We find that the signature notes of rose and citrus have matured into a fuller palate. Taste daylily, blossom honey, and preserved plum as aromas of rosehip waft out of the teacup.

Servings: 1 oz (5 pots) per style

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